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Braindump Page for Computer Setup and Ergonomics

FYI: this exists (for now) I just put up a page containing a bunch of my recent (and probably somewhat incoherent) thoughts on the ideal computer setup and ergonomics. You can read all about it here. This page (and this post) will probably get deleted eventually as I make use of the information (so be careful linking to it), but for now, I’ll go ahead and dump all my relevant thoughts there.

Selecting Contacts

Background I am currently in the process of getting contacts. I am planning to research more extensively the pros and cons of contacts and glasses (particularly in terms of my own parameters: myopia with slight astigmatism), and to write them up based on my perspective. I am envisioning (…get it?) a comparison that focuses on vision quality above all else, evaluating things such as spherical aberration, chromatic aberration, peripheral vision, and so on.

Portable Computer Setup: Part 1

This post I’ve been working on pulling together a computer configuration to my liking that is completely portable. I have, for the last couple years, been using a 27” monitor for my general computer use. However, as I’ve gotten more and more involved in computer science, I’ve started to find that two windows side by side isn’t quite enough space anymore. Plus, ever since my 15.6” laptop stopped being usable and I bought a 12.

SEO and Ethics

The SEO offer Recently, somebody from a smaller tech website emailed me about including a link on one of my pages to an article they had written. I read the article, and happened to agree that it would be useful in the context I would place it. However, I was a bit put off by the obvious marketing nature of the email. You can read for yourself: Hey Steven,

LISS Cardio Thoughts

The need for fun, effective LISS cardio High intensity cardio, as practiced in interval training, has three exercises that are cheap, (subjectively) fun, and effective: jump roping, kettlebell swinging, and burpees (burpee-ing?). I can’t think of many improvements to be made here. However, there isn’t really a good way to make these exercises low intensity to the degree that they could conform to all the percentages of VO2 max one might wish to do low intensity steady-state (LISS) cardio at (particularly the lower percentages).

A Usage Philosophy for Twitter

General thoughts concerning personal internet presence Lack of anonymity As the good bard says, “All the world’s a stage.” No more is this the case than in our modern internet age in which many people carefully craft masks to show the world. Usually there is nothing at all nefarious in this; people want to present themselves as likeable, intelligent, and so on, so they selectively post things about themselves that show them in a good light: happy, successful, thoughtful.

Bose QuietComfort 35 II Headphones

Background I purchased the Bose QuietComfort 35 II noise-canceling over-the-ear headphones earlier this year after going on somewhat of an audio research binge. I’m not really an audiophile, but I was getting tired of the tinny response and discomfort of earbuds. I had used Shure SE215’s for a while, but they broke eventually, and I never found them fully comfortable. I could get used to them, yes, but I always knew they were there.

Getting a Second Pair of Skates: Thoughts

Background I ordered the Wizard NR110 skates a few months back since I wanted to pick up skating for exercise and fun. Despite liking the skates and all, there are lots of scary hills where I live, and I haven’t ended up using them that much since I’m still kind of afraid of stopping. I need to change this. Why get a second pair of skates with smaller wheels? Learning Smaller wheels, especially combined with the low center of gravity of the Trinity frames, give much more lateral stability than a 4x110 UFS system.

An Amazon Customer Service Experience

Why I like Amazon in general I have essentially stopped buying things from local stores (excepting groceries) unless I absolutely have to because I was not keeping track of something and ran out. I have been an Amazon Prime member for several years now, and have found the convenience of ordering things online to be very positive. I certainly don’t get dogmatic about this (I have family members that still like to make store runs for things), but here are some of the reasons why I really like shopping on Amazon:

The College Brain as a Sponge

Some background This semester, Fall 2018, is the first semester of my fifth year in college. I am currently working on finishing three majors: Greek, Classical Culture, and Computer Science. Cognitive resources and mode-switching As I’ve gotten further into disparate fields, I’ve become convinced that mode-switching is making my academic life harder. The TL;DR is that there is a good reason why most people don’t try combining, say, English and Biochemistry, or Psychology and Astrophysics.