Initial Greek Survey Analysis

This post

This post contains the questions on a Greek survey I sent out last month to various English-speaking Classics departments across the globe, along with initial graphics displaying the results. I got many more responses than I was expecting (n = 184), and wish to thank everyone that took the time to fill it out. I’ve already found the results useful in guiding my progress on the Greek implementation. (The work-in-progress script is being developed in this repository).

I wanted to get this out sooner rather than later, with analysis forthcoming at a later time. I am certainly happy to field specific questions before I write up such an analysis (or get further input on any and all aspects of the survey – if you forgot something, for example). Apologies for the somewhat unprofessional nature of the graphics: these were largely autogenerated. As I said, I’ll be making a more thorough appraisal of the data at a later time.

The survey results


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