This site is basically just launching

If anyone has been reading my sometime-blog since college, you’ll know that I reworked the layout of this site some months ago, unlisted all my old blog posts, and then went basically quiet.

While consistency was never my strong suit, I haven’t posted here for a while not because I have gone away or lost interest in websites, but because I’ve been working on a website for my Bible teaching ministry:

Some folks may not be interested in this, and that’s cool. I’m a Christian and it’s important to me, but this site was always about other things. (A great many other things, actually. I’ve always had a problem with that whole “pick a niche” idea because I wander off and get interested in too many different topics).

After graduating college and getting settled into a nine-to-five, most of my free time (aside from working out a lot more and getting into cooking) has been sunk into the website I linked above. Some of the UI improvements and such that I worked on with regards to that other website will only stay on that site (stuff relating to displaying Bible verses, for example), but in time, many of the improvements I’ve sunk hours into there will find their way here.

I have grand, grand plans, as they say. I’ve been prioritizing that other site, but it is nearing its launching point, at which point I’ll shift into production mode both there and here.

Just now though, I decided it was about time for me to at least get the ball rolling here. I’ve been meaning to do it forever, but c’est la vie. In the same commit that added this explanation, I added some initial rough (and I mean rough) content to a couple of the category template pages (with more such short-term “braindumps” to come soon):

Other recent content (note especially the page on buying a house):