Every Day Carry

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  • There probably will not be any section that pulls everything together in an easily understandable way.

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  • This page cannot be helpful to you in its present form. If you are aware of the limitations of the current state, you may find this page helpful long before I officially publish it.

Distinction between Every Day Carry and Everyday Carry

  • This page is discussing the former, which includes the latter



  • Assuming a shirt with hidden zipper pockets behind two cargo pockets (like the RailRiders Versatac Light Shirt), and 6 pocket cargo pants/shorts.
  • Shirt

    • Right hidden zipper pocket: phone.
    • Left hidden zipper pocket: wallet.
    • Right cargo pocket: sunglasses and headphones (when not being worn).
    • Left cargo pocket: writing materials.
  • Pants/shorts

    • Right front slash pocket: plain-edge folder (pocket clip), keys.
    • Left front slash pocket: flashlight (pocket clip), keychain.
    • Right cargo pocket: cordage/utility materials.
    • Left cargo pocket: first aid materials.
    • Right back pocket: bandana.
    • Left back pocket: free for miscellaneous storage.
  • Belt

    • Multitool
  • Anything that cannot get wet goes in the shirt, since a fully waterproof rain shell will be worn more than rain pants.

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