I do not just review gear and software, but also information sources, along with forms of art and other creative production. Basically, everything is subject to review. Everything.

In an attempt to be objective, this site’s reviews use quantitative scores (that are then subsequently weighted and compared between different options: see /pages/decision-analysis). So as to compare apples to apples, each “category” of things reviewed has its own collection of metrics, although some metrics (like cost, ease of use, safety, etc. for gear) show up rather often.

The decision analysis page for a specific category (containing the metrics to compare things within this category, the weights given my use case, an overall evaluation of the trade space, etc.) will not show up in this Reviews section, but in the Pages section. Put differently, the Reviews section only contains pages reviewing specific instances of categories. So, for example, while there might be a page in the Pages section dealing with laptops as a category, there would be corresponding pages in the Reviews section for specific laptops, like the 2019 Macbook Pro and the 2019 Dell XPS 13.

Comparisons between categories (e.g., do cars or motorcycles make more sense for general suburban transportation?) similarly do not live here, but in the Pages section, just like all other decision analysis. These sorts of comparisons are very important—arguably knowing which category of thing to buy is even more important than which thing to buy within the category! That is to say, if what you really need is a hammer, it’s ultimately much more important to end up buying some kind of hammer (rather than, say, a wrench or a screwdriver) than figuring out which specific brand of hammer gives you the most bang for your buck.

I always quite visibly note which things I actually own or have experience with and which I review based on conjecture. For things requiring purchase, since I don’t get paid to review things for a living (and don’t have a bunch of manufacturers/producers sending me their stuff to test), I myself frequently make a decision based only on conjecture. Imperfect as this may be, it is in fact possible to use reason and logic to evaluate how different options stack up, on paper at least. I leave it to the reader to determine how successfully I avoid choice supportive bias in my reviews after I have purchased one specific instance of a category.

Each page in this section has a corresponding page in the Sources section containing an annotated bibliography relating to the thing under review.

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